the Firm

We are an international law firm based in New York City.

We represent the interests of foreign and domestic businesses, entrepreneurs and investors facing the complex legal environment of the United States.  Our professionals have decades of experience and expertise in advising on and handling cross-border transactions, disputes and other legal matters.  

Our team is multilingual and communicates in German, French, Italian, Spanish and Russian.  We are a boutique firm and as such we will give individual and personal attention to each matter.  Our senior professionals all previously trained with and practiced at major international law firms in New York City.

We are dedicated to providing value for each client.  We don’t employ legions of costly associates; we don’t have to pay for a large overhead; and our rates are reasonable.  We are tech-savvy and take full advantage of the latest technologies to simplify workflows and communication and to reduce costs wherever possible.  

We take pride in representing you, whether you are a major business or a start-up.