Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution

We advise on and handle international and domestic commercial disputes, if appropriate through special or local counsel.  

We understand many foreign clients’ aversion to the American litigation system and some of its intrusive features, such as the extensive pre-trial discovery process.  We try to avert lawsuits creatively when threatened, using jurisdictional and other defenses whenever appropriate to dismiss cases not properly brought in American courts; but we also pursue claims aggressively when needed, taking advantage of the plaintiff-friendly American rules when suited to the client.

We represent clients in litigation in state and federal courts and in arbitrations before ad hoc or institutional tribunals under ICC, AAA, UNCITRAL or other arbitration rules. Where appropriate and desired by the client, we also pursue mediation and other optional alternative dispute resolution procedures.  

We also act as US counsel assisting attorneys in foreign proceedings in obtaining evidence under US federal rules extending discovery privileges to foreign parties.

Our goal always is to obtain the result that best achieves the client’s goals, including limiting the expense and disruption inherent in every business dispute.